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We Fuel the Economy

Members of the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) Fuel Job Growth

Established in 1954, the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) is a business association that serves the home and commercial heating marketplace.

MEMA represents more than 300 companies across the state, including retail and wholesale/supplier operations. Collectively, MEMA’s retail members store, sell and deliver nearly 70 percent of the residential and commercial heating oil used statewide.

Retailers also sell diesel fuel, Bioheat® fuel, propane and other fuels. Additionally, MEMA represents national and local heating equipment manufacturers and suppliers and other businesses that provide valuable goods and services to the industry. MEMA’s mission includes:

  • Implementing effective legislative, regulatory and government affairs programs and activities in Massachusetts and in Washington, DC.
  • Promoting and protecting the business interests of members by developing and implementing effective advertising, marketing and public relations programs.
  • Serving as a valuable resource and information base to a host of audiences.
  • Serving as the qualified state association for the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), a congressionally authorized program aimed at promoting oilheat, renewable home heating fuels and energy efficiency; educating consumers and the industry; and developing meaningful research and development projects for fuels and heating equipment.

Fast Facts about Oilheat in Massachusetts

More than 700,000 homes and thousands of commercial customers rely on heating oil for their source of energy.

Depending on how cold the winter may be, Massachusetts uses between 800 and 900 million gallons of heating oil and is the third largest volume state in the U.S. behind New York and Pennsylvania.

Residential consumption of heating oil in Massachusetts has dropped by more than 20% during the past 10 years. That’s due to industry efforts to install more high-efficiency oil-fired heating equipment.

The retail heating oil industry in Massachusetts plays a vital role helping customers receive fuel aid under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

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